Monday, April 26, 2021

Gardening Guide


Here are some of my best posts about gardening!

I can't believe I have been gardening for 5 years this year!

In that time, my gardening skills have grown😀 & changed quite a bit!

I began my gardening journey by using small raised beds & buying all my plants.  In 5 years, it has grown into a huge tilled garden & seed starting everything.

I talk a lot about gardening here on the blog & I wanted all my garden tips in one place.  That's why I'm creating this little gardening guide.

I have learned so much in my gardening journey & I'm always looking for ways to do things better.  This guide will be updated periodically as I write more posts & learn more skills.

raised garden beds | On The Creek Blog //

Garden Beds

seed starting | On The Creek Blog //
Seed Starting

garden care tips | On The Creek Blog //
Care Tips

garden planting | On The Creek Blog //
Garden Planting
DIY Greenhouse | On The Creek Blog //

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