Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Mystery Peppers

My mystery pepper plants | On The Creek Blog //
The story of my mystery pepper plants!

In the spirit of doing whatever I want, I seed started my pepper plants a few weeks ago.

Honestly, I wanted to see for myself that peppers are indeed perennials.

I plan to pick a couple of pepper varieties to plant in buckets so I can move them indoors & outdoors. For this experiment, I started 8 pepper plants in a little greenhouse.

I want to talk about this greenhouse for a minute because it's just the cutest thing! I picked it up at a thrift store for super cheap & I just love it. It's super high quality & compact!

The deal with pepper plants is that they take forever to germinate. So you just keep watering them & hoping for the best.

To start these peppers, I used some little cups I had from years past & just a little bit of soil. Because I was doing a couple different kinds of peppers, I made sure to mark the variety on the cup with a sharpie pen.

Well, I learned the hard way that the sharpie pen is not the way to go!

After so much watering, the sharpie pen wore off the cup, so I have no idea what variety the peppers are! I can't guess because I moved the types around when watering, so they're not even grouped together!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Cute Home Decor At Hobby Lobby

cute home decor from hobby lobby | On The Creek Blog //
Super cute home decor finds at Hobby Lobby!

Because I'm a creative, I always go to places that sell home decor with the mindset that I can absolutely make it for less. When I walked into Hobby Lobby last week, I was actually surprised to find some really affordable items!

I'm considering creating home decor pieces to sell this year, so I really went into Hobby Lobby to scope out the competition! In my personal life, I do whatever I want for home decor, but professionally, I want to be on trend.

The main thing for me when creating home decor pieces to sell is that they have to be affordable. When I was looking at Hobby Lobby, there were actually instances where I could absolutely not make the item for cheaper. I still found tons of things I could replicate for less & I will be sharing some dupes in the coming weeks.

But, in the meantime, here is a picture overload of cute home decor that's now available at Hobby Lobby. Whether you make or buy home decor, here are some things to get you inspired!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

DIY Primitive Cozy Vibes Sign

 DIY Cozy Vibes Sign!

I hate going to the thrift store.

Okay, so I actually love it, but I always find so many things I love & spending way too much money!

I also had a huge problem with collecting things & never doing anything with them & they would pile up in my basement.

Since having a basement full of stuff is no fun, I finally decided to clear it out & display these beautiful pieces either as is or after DIY makeovers.

Over the weekend, I worked on a little gallery wall in my bedroom. I had a super cute frame that I wanted to use, but I wasn't a huge fan of the picture inside, so I gave it a makeover. It turned out super cute!

This project was a weird one. The fun thing about paint is that if you don't like it, you can just paint over it again & that's what I ended up doing. I didn't like my original idea, so I painted over things & redid it!

Friday, January 6, 2023

10 Reasons I Love Little Free Libraries

10 Things I Love About Little Free Libraries | On The Creek Blog //
10 things I love about Little Free Libraries!

Little Free Libraries are my jam. I have so much love for them that I established my own Little Free Library! I get so excited when I go out to my library & see different books! I was afraid that people wouldn't use the library, but it's a hit! I love that we were able to provide an area for people to access free books.

Over the weekend, I spotted a Little Free Library in the wild & was reminded all over again how beneficial these little book boxes are for communities.

I also think they are just the cutest things!

I love them so much that I made a list of 10 reasons why!

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