Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Garden | August 2020

Garden update for August 2020 | On The Creek Blog

Garden update for August 2020!

When I was going through my pictures from August, I found out I only took pictures of the tomatoes!  I'll give you the update on everything else, but I guess you will only see the tomatoes!

The tomatoes really showed up in August!  

I will have to do another post about all the harvesting because it was a lot!  Even though I'm not the biggest fan of canning, we ended up canning quite a bit of pasta sauce & salsa!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Thrift Finds #6

Awesome & Unique Items Found At The Thrift Store | On The Creek Blog

Items found at the thrift store over the weekend!

We did a little thrift shopping over the weekend & I picked up a few cute things!

I've been a little more picky with what I buy lately.  I have worked on enough projects to have a decent idea of things I want to get into & what to leave alone.  Of course, every project is different & there are always surprises!  Something that seems simple might end up being quite time consuming!

Here's my latest thrift haul!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Adventures in Pickling

Making & Canning Pickles | On The Creek Blog

Pickle making adventures!

Our garden has been producing tons of cucumbers this year!  I've been pickling all the things!

At first, I just used premixed packets for my pickling.  I made sweet relish & kosher dills that way.

Then I found this recipe for refrigerator pickles.  At the time, I had enough cucumbers for just 2 jars, so I decided to try it out.  I modified the recipe just a little by adding garlic salt along with fresh garlic.  I also added dried dill along with the fresh dill.  I wanted super flavorful pickles!

The pickles did their thing in the refrigerator for almost a week before I cracked them open.  They were absolutely fantastic & so full of flavor!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Garden | July 2020

Garden update for July 2020 | On The Creek Blog

Garden update for July 2020!

The garden was thriving during July!

Tons & tons of tomatoes are starting to take shape!

Because the tomato plants began super tiny, I wasn't sure what harvest time would look like.  Well now I know...harvest time is going to look awesome!

There are so many tomatoes coming on right now.  They should be ready for harvest very soon.  Then the busy time will begin--processing all the tomatoes.  I'm thinking tons of pasta sauces!  Because I'm not a huge fan of canning, I'll most likely be freezing the tomatoes.  It looks like we'll have to buy another freezer because the garden is so plentiful!

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