Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Easy DIY Dry Erase Board

easy DIY dry erase board from a picture frame | www.onthecreekblog.com 

 This is a super simple DIY! An old picture frame is given new life as a dry erase board!

I'm all about keeping it simple in 2021.  My first DIY was no exception. I took an old picture frame & turned it into a super cute dry erase board.

I also created a little video of the process that I put on my Instagram if you want to check it out!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Making Homemade Wine With Brewsy

Making homemade wine with Brewsy wine making kit! | www.onthecreekblog.com
Make your own homemade wine using Brewsy!

I first became acquainted with Brewsy in the fall of 2020.  I was browsing Instagram when their ad popped up.  I have always had an interest in wine making, but I thought it was a lot of work.  After reading how easy it would be with Brewsy, I immediately ordered a welcome kit & bottling kit.

A little while after I got my kit in the mail, life happened.  We got a couple foster placements in the fall & life got hectic.  I never made my wine!

Around Christmastime, I decided to finally make some wine.  I loved the thought of having homemade wine for Christmas!

It turned out so great that I made another batch! I'm taking you along the wine making process today!

At the end of this post, I'll share a special coupon code for savings on all things Brewsy!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Why I'm Blogging in 2021

Why I'm Still Blogging in 2021 | On The Creek Blog

For my first official post this year, I want to share why I will be continuing to blog in 2021.

I have been blogging here at On The Creek for 5 years now! I almost can't believe it! I began this blog to document our home renovation journey. Since then, it has evolved into all things home. I love featuring projects & gardening adventures around our property.

Every year, I like to sit down & think about if I want to continue blogging. It is a lot of work & if I'm being honest, some days I don't want to do it anymore. When it comes down to it, though, I genuinely enjoy blogging, so I'm making it work in 2021!

I'll also be featuring a couple of my favorite 2020 posts throughout this post!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Links I Love - November 2020

Links I Love | On The Creek Blog

Links I Love | November 2020!

I'm back with a new link love post!

It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts!

I recently went through my links & found a bunch of great ones that I had to share!

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