Thursday, June 21, 2018

Garden 2018 | Planting

tomato & pepper plants

It’s finally time to share my garden!

It only took about a million hours to edit these photos!  I took so many of them this year that I had a difficult time narrowing them all down!

This year I did a bigger garden (using railroad ties), so that meant more plants!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


purple lilac

Aaand this is the story of how we bought a lilac plant out of the back of someone’s truck!

We’re in the middle of regrading our yard, so this year we decided to take it easy on planting.  I honestly can’t wait until this project is finished because I want to plant all.the.things.  I’m thinking blueberries, strawberries & a huge garden! I’m the most impatient person ever, so having to scale it all back this year is really getting to me!

One of the things that I wanted to plant are lilacs.  We have a huge white lilac in the front yard & I love when it comes into bloom, even though it lasts approximately 2 days a year!  It just smells so fantastic!

purple lilac

purple lilac

My husband & I were at a thrift store & when we were coming back to the car, we noticed the truck beside us was absolutely filled with plants, including fairly decent sized lilacs.  We’d never seen lilacs that were already large like that.  As we were getting ready to leave, the owner of the truck came out to leave too.  My husband decided to ask her where she bought the plants for future reference, because we didn’t really have a space in the yard for it this year.  It just so happened that she was selling the plants in a fundraiser the next day & had purchased them from a private nursery.  She offered to sell us the lilac & after going back & forth, we decided to buy it.  It was one of those impulse things that we knew we wanted it but weren’t sure where to plant it.  Luckily, we found a spot that should be safe from the yard construction!  The woman in the truck told us the lilac is a smaller variety, so it shouldn’t take over our entire yard, either!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Flowers 2018

flowersflowers | marigoldflowers | snapdragon

Happy Friday!  I’m going to warn you…my next few posts will be all about plants!  I still have to show you what I planted in my garden & how those little plants are already growing & like a million other planting things!  For someone who really didn’t get into gardening until last year, I’m surprised I have so much to talk about!

Today, I’m starting with the flowers!  While I was picking out my vegetable plants are the local greenhouse, I decided to get some flowers as well.


I might have went a little overboard!  I usually just plant my flowers in old sap buckets & place them around the yard, but I actually had to plant a few of them in the ground this time! 

I also threw some sunflower seeds into the ground & I was super surprised to see those thriving as well!

flowers | snapdragonflowersflowers | marigold

Here’s hoping they survive until fall!

flowersflowers | snapdragonflowers | marigold

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Loft Railing | The Details

Loft Railing | Where to buy

Last week, I noticed that someone found my loft railing post from a Google search.  I decided to take a trip down memory lane & reread the post.  It was then that I realized I never actually shared where we purchased our railing!  How embarrassing is that?!  These people are trying to find this awesome railing & I left them hanging!

loft railingstair railing

I’m fixing that today!

stair railingstair railing

The railing is an outdoor kit from The Home Depot.  Our local Home Depot only sold the rail kit, so we had to travel to find the stair railing.  We could have just purchased everything online, but my husband likes to see what he’s buying in person.  After this home renovation, I don’t blame him.  There are so many ways things can be damaged so it’s best to just pick it out yourself.

stair railingstair railing

So why did we decide to use outdoor materials for the stairs?  Honestly, for me, it was the cost.  I started pricing indoor stair railings & then I went over to their outdoor counterparts.  They were so much cheaper!  I also thought that since our house is kind of funky anyway, we could get away with using outdoor materials.  The actual staircase uses the interior tread so it’s a mix of interior & pressure treated materials.  The plan was to stain or paint the posts, but I liked them the way they were.  In the future, we could totally paint or stain them though.

loft railingstair railing

I know this setup won’t work in every house, but I think it looks pretty cool in mine.  Even though these are outdoor kits, it’s so weird to actually see these one someone’s outdoor porch!

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