Thursday, December 08, 2016

Habitat ReStore Anniversary

In honor of our local Habitat For Humanity ReStore’s one year anniversary, this is an edited repost about the store I wrote earlier this year.  Enjoy!

When we were at the very beginning stages of our home remodel, I wanted to visit a Habitat For Humanity ReStore just to see what they had to offer. I'd been hearing awesome things about the stores, but the location near my house didn’t have concrete hours so I kind of shrugged it off. We finally made the hour long trek to the nearest location one Friday afternoon and I was absolutely blown away. They had everything! Furniture! Lighting fixtures! Cabinets! Doors! A ton of stuff we needed to remodel our home was sitting right there in one building! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't wait to return when we actually got the keys to our house when I would actually have a better idea of what we needed.

Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom TileDresser

In the time that it took to take possession of our home, we were incredibly lucky to have the ReStore reopen within 30 minutes of our house. We were there the first day they opened and scored an awesome door for the side of our house. In our visits to the store, we purchased tile for the bathrooms, plumbing fixtures, lighting, furniture and a ton of other miscellaneous stuff. The items that I plan to chalk paint? They all came from the ReStore. We even purchased our entire kitchen cabinetry there.The awesome thing about the ReStore is that you never know what they'll have. The cabinets we bought were donated only the day before we purchased them. We were going back and forth about purchasing kitchen cabinetry and the extreme expense it would be so imagine my relief when we walked into the ReStore and there they were! It's always super exciting to go in there every time they're open!

Kitchen Cabinets



Now that our house is completed, I can search for home decor items at the ReStore!  Also, the store has been my go-to for my food blogging props.  I bought a couple photography boards and lots of cups and pitchers.  They truly have everything!

Punch Bowl

Lemonade Carafe


As the name implies, the Habitat For Humanity ReStore is run by local chapters of Habitat For Humanity. Everything in the ReStore is donated and profits are used to help people locally.  A while ago, I read an article in our local newspaper that our local chapter of Habitat For Humanity was assisting with the renovation of a World War II veteran's home.  Just this summer, our local chapter completely renovated and donated a home to a family.

There's a mixture of new and used items and with a little imagination, items bought at the ReStore can be transformed into fantastic home features, as you can see by my photos.

You can check out my facebook page for more pictures of things we bought at the ReStore and be sure to check out your local Habitat For Humanity ReStore! Click here to find a ReStore near you!

Bird Houses

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