Monday, December 07, 2015

Welcome to My World: On The Creek Blog by Tiff W.

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Hey there, besties! 🌿 Welcome to my little corner of the internet, On The Creek Blog. This journey started in 2015 as a diary of our home-buying adventures and remodeling escapades, and oh, how it's blossomed into so much more!

Over these 8 transformative years, my blog has become a tapestry of my life. It's seen the soaring highs – from the joy of turning our house into a home, breathing new life into old furniture, to the magical moment we welcomed our son through adoption.
But it's also been a sanctuary through the heart-wrenching lows. Losing my dear husband, James, to cancer in December 2021 and navigating the uncharted waters of single motherhood and widowhood has been a journey of profound healing and growth.

These days, my blog is brimming with DIY projects as I reinvent our space, healing and creating in the wake of loss. I've also ventured into a new adventure with an investment property, where I'm getting my hands dirty with renovations. And let's not forget my homesteading heart. There's always something growing in my garden, and I love sharing those green-thumb victories with you.

With its twists and turns, life has reshaped this blog in ways I never imagined. And through it all, I hope you find a piece of my world that resonates with you. May my stories and projects inspire you to embrace life fearlessly and with an open heart.

Sending love and light your way,
Tiff W. // On The Creek Blog 🌟

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