Wednesday, December 16, 2015

House Update #1


A recap of what has been going on at our house!

Cabin Bathroom Before

The toilet and plywood sub-floor were taken out.

Cabin Bathroom Before

The medicine cabinet mirrors were taken down and put away. I'm hoping to use them in the bathroom again.

Cabin Bathroom Before

The tub is gone! You can see the medicine cabinets on the shelf over there.

Cabin Living Room Before

The sub-floor is gone in the living room and the boards are there for the new floor.

We were originally going to raise that floor back up, but figured the easiest thing to do would be to build a new floor on top. The floor underneath was glued down so even though raising the actual floor wouldn't be impossible, it was just easier to build a new floor.

Also, remember how I was hoping there were hard wood floors underneath all of that plywood?  Well, there's more plywood underneath!  I'm sad that there's not a floor underneath there, but I'm ecstatic that they didn't leave the nasty floor that could have been underneath.

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