Monday, December 20, 2021


Braxton | On The Creek Blog //
 Introducing our son, Braxton!

After almost 15 months, we can finally share our son with the world!  His adoption was finalized a couple weeks ago & we couldn't be happier.

It was a perfect fit from the moment he entered our home in September 2020.

The week the judge terminated parental rights was the same week we found out James had cancer.  We didn't know what the future would hold for us but we were still dedicated to adopting Braxton.

I'm so thankful that Braxton got to know James.  I'm also so angry that we didn't have more time together as a family.

Even though life has thrown me a devastating curve ball, I'm dedicated to raising this little boy.


Saturday, December 18, 2021



James | On The Creek Blog //
On Wednesday morning at 8:42am, my husband, James, peacefully passed away

He is my best friend. He was my everything for the last almost 16 years. I don't know how I'm going to do this without him. Everything I am is because of him. He was my entire life.
I never expected things to happen this quickly.  James was admitted to the hospital last Saturday.  He had pneumonia in his right lung & his left lung was collapsed because of the cancer.  It was also found that his cancer was progressing at an astonishing rate.

There was talk early last week of bringing him home with hospice care.  Then on Tuesday morning, his condition worsened & hospice was initiated at the hospital.

James passed away the next day.

During his last few days, his thoughts and words were not the clearest.  He had a difficult time remembering things.
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