Thursday, June 16, 2022

6 months of surviving young widowhood | On The Creek Blog //
Six months.

Six months of a different life.  A life without you in it.  I never thought I would have to say those words.  We were just ordinary people living an everyday life when the absolute unthinkable happened.

I never thought things would happen at such an accelerated pace. That you would be here & gone before I even had time to come up for air.

I'm slowly finding my way in this new life without you. I miss you a lot more these days when so many new & exciting things are happening. Something new in my life will happen & I'll think to myself, "I can't wait to tell James about this!" or "When James comes home, we're going to have to do this." Then I remember it's just me & you're not here anymore.

It's the weirdest thing knowing you're not here & not knowing you're not here. My mind is so ingrained in my old life that my thoughts sometimes can't catch up to my new reality.

There was no one quite like you & I will probably never come close to meeting someone like you again in this lifetime.

Monday, June 13, 2022


10 Fun Summer Palettes | On The Creek Blog //

10 summer-themed color palettes I love!

I could probably spend hours looking at color palettes on Pinterest.  I love doing little graphic design projects, so colors are everything.  The right color palette can completely transform the mood of a project.

My favorite color schemes at the moment are what I call "happy" colors--super-bright & girly.

I'm also super into watercolors at the moment.  That's why both of my gratitude journals have watercolor themes.

The colors of summer are my favorite because they have all the colors I love.

I created these 10 color palettes from summer images I found on Canva.

I love them all so much.  My current favorite is the one to the left.  It's just so fun & feminine!

I'll do another post soon on how I create my color palettes.  It's super fun & easy to do.

I hope you love these colors as much as I do!  If you're into graphic design, feel free to use them in your projects!  I would love to see your creations, so tag me in them!

Thursday, June 09, 2022



life is short, make it sweet gratitude journals | On The Creek Blog //
My gratitude journals are now available on Amazon!

- Life is Short, Make it Sweet Gratitude Journal

- Life is Short, Make it Sweet Gratitude Journal 100 page

I'm super excited to announce that my gratitude journals are now available on Amazon!

What began as an experiment in book printing turned into adorable journals!

Publishing a book has always been a dream of mine & I love that I started with journals!

I made not one but two journals & I love them both!

They're basically the same journal, but one is in beautiful color & the other is plain black & white.

I made two journals because even though the color journal is gorgeous, it's also pricy to print.  I wanted to make a cheaper option available.  While the full-color journal has 66 pages, I could put 100 pages in the black & white one & still be more affordable than the color option.  I honestly think my favorite is the black & white version because I love to doodle & that one is a blank slate!  

Both journals are beautiful & are great for keeping track of everything you're grateful for!

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

A cute side table makeover using Fusion Mineral Paint | On The Creek Blog //

A small side table gets a super easy & cute makeover!

This is my first furniture project of the year.  It's weird, but it's difficult for me to work on furniture without James being here.  Refurbishing furniture was our thing--James would repair the absolute trash furniture I brought home & then I painted everything.  

There's still a rocking horse in the basement that James repaired before things got crazy.  I know I need to paint it, but I can't bring myself to start on it.

I randomly found a small side/end table at Goodwill last week & decided to bring it home.  It just needed to be painted, so it was a relatively easy project.  I'm sure if James were here, he would have made some repairs.  It's a little wobbly & James was all about perfection when it came to anything like that.  He would have had it as good as new in no time.  Now I just have to be comfortable with the imperfections.

I dug out my favorite Fusion Mineral Paint color, Sacred Sage & got started.  The finish was a little shiny, so I sanded it down just a little bit with my sanding sponge.  I got lazy & didn't sand the entire thing, but the paint went on beautifully.  I love Fusion Mineral Paint so much.  It's very forgiving.  My favorite part is that it has a built-in topcoat.  I've had some major topcoat disasters with bleed through & I've never had it with Fusion so far.

Thursday, June 02, 2022


Easy to build raised garden beds | On The Creek Blog //
These raised garden beds are super easy to create & look stunning.

I decided to return to the raised garden beds for my gardening adventures this year.

This will be my 6th gardening season & I've used raised garden beds for all but 2 years.

Honestly, I prefer an actual tilled garden over raised beds.  The 2 years we did a tilled garden were amazing.  It turns out we have great soil & our plants did very well.

With it being just me this year, I had to return to the basics.  Raised garden beds are a lot easier to take care of.  I don't have the time or energy to maintain a large garden this year.  The raised beds will still allow me to keep a garden but on a much smaller scale.  I absolutely love gardening, but I didn't want to get too overwhelmed this year.

So here are the details on the raised garden beds my dad made.

My dad made a raised garden bed for my mom's zinnias a couple years ago & I absolutely loved it.  He just took some scrap wood leftover from a project they were doing, but I thought it was so simple & so great.

Wednesday, June 01, 2022


The Grief Diaries | On The Creek Blog //
 The 7th post in my 'grief diaries' series where I share my experiences in coping with my husband's death.

It is nearing the one-year mark since James was diagnosed with cancer.  I knew cancer would change our lives, but I never thought it would end so abruptly.  It's bringing up a lot of "what if?" emotions. 

What if James could have been diagnosed sooner?  

What if the last clinical trial he was set to participate in would have been his saving grace?  

What if James had the cancer tumor removed earlier?  

Would any of these things have brought a different outcome?  Would it have slowed down the cancer acceleration at all?  Would there have been a more terrible end of life situation if the cancer progressed more slowly?

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