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I always say this, but I never expected cancer to end our marriage story.

My husband, James, was officially diagnosed with melanoma in July 2021 & passed away in December 2021.  It was a whirlwind for several months.  Everything happened so fast.

We decided to get in front of the diagnosis by putting it on the blog.  We wanted people to hear it from us first.  It was also easier to do a blog post since so many people wanted to know what was going on with James.

The outpouring of love for our family was immeasurable.  James was loved by so many people.  Our community really stepped up & helped us so much.  There is still so much love shown to us.

I never wanted to be a widow at 34 years old & I'm still trying to process why cancer took everything away from us.

Here are the posts I wrote during James's journey:

- Cancer
- Cancer Update #1
- Cancer Update #2
- Cancer Update #3
- Cancer Update #4

& posts about James's passing.
- James
- Forever 38
- The Day My World Fell Apart
- 15 Years

I'm working on a post with the timeline of events.  It was so chaotic when I was living it.  Writing it all down is helping me process the extreme tragedy of it all.

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