Monday, August 16, 2021

Cancer Update #1


Melanoma Cancer Update | On The Creek Blog //
An update on my husband's cancer.

It has been only about a month since my last update but things have moved fairly quickly with James' cancer treatment.

This past month has been filled with lots of traveling to get the fastest treatment possible.

After receiving the initial melanoma diagnosis, James had an appointment with an oncologist to discuss options for treatment.

It was determined that the tumor in his arm area would be removed.  Before that could happen, James needed to complete further testing to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else.

With lots of help from his care team, James was able to make all the necessary appointments in a short amount of time & get scheduled for surgery.

We found out from the testing that James had another tumor in the same area as his first one & his original tumor was growing.

Melanoma cancer update | On The Creek Blog //

The rest of the tests showed that the cancer was pretty much confined in that one area.

James completed all the testing & had a week left until surgery.  In that week, his tumor seemed to grow rapidly.  It was causing him a lot of pain.

Then it was finally surgery day.

Because of the size of the tumor, it was an intense surgery.  The tumor was approximately the size of a cantaloupe on surgery day.  James also ended up losing quite a bit of blood in the surgery so he needed a transfusion & he had to stay at the hospital overnight for observation.

Melanoma cancer update | On The Creek Blog //

We will have more information in a few weeks when James returns to the doctor.  

As of right now, James is healing well & is in good spirits.

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