Monday, July 19, 2021


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This is a post I never thought I would have to write.

I'm usually a very private person.  I think it's ironic that I have a blog because I'm just so private.  The thing is, I can write about things going on around our home but it's really difficult for me to post about our actual life.  I like to keep our daily life to myself but we've been going through something that will change our entire life...

My husband, James, has cancer.

It began as a large lump in his arm/chest area that wouldn't go away.  After a biopsy, the tumor was confirmed to be melanoma related.

I never thought cancer would be a part of our story.

We really don't have a lot of details that this point.  

We initially thought the tumor could be something else so the melanoma came out of nowhere.  I'm so thankful a doctor made a quick decision to perform a biopsy when my husband went in for another test.  It quickly ruled out the other directions we were going in.

My husband has an appointment with an oncologist this week so we'll hopefully have more information then as well as treatment options.

I wanted to write about this because I know we're not the only ones going through a tough diagnosis.  It also helps me to see different perspectives so I wanted to provide my own.  This will change every area of our lives for the near future so it felt inauthentic to not include it here.  I could only go on for so long acting everything was great before it all came down.

I try to stay busy & upbeat but it's just so difficult.  Keeping up with my blog has been a good distraction so I'm planning on continuing that.

Right now, there are just so many unknowns with my husband's treatment.  We're hoping for the best but have had a lot of tough conversations over the past few weeks.

On The Creek Blog //

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