Thursday, June 02, 2022

Easy Raised Garden Beds

Easy to build raised garden beds | On The Creek Blog //
These raised garden beds are super easy to create & look stunning.

I decided to return to the raised garden beds for my gardening adventures this year.

This will be my 6th gardening season & I've used raised garden beds for all but 2 years.

Honestly, I prefer an actual tilled garden over raised beds.  The 2 years we did a tilled garden were amazing.  It turns out we have great soil & our plants did very well.

With it being just me this year, I had to return to the basics.  Raised garden beds are a lot easier to take care of.  I don't have the time or energy to maintain a large garden this year.  The raised beds will still allow me to keep a garden but on a much smaller scale.  I absolutely love gardening, but I didn't want to get too overwhelmed this year.

So here are the details on the raised garden beds my dad made.

My dad made a raised garden bed for my mom's zinnias a couple years ago & I absolutely loved it.  He just took some scrap wood leftover from a project they were doing, but I thought it was so simple & so great.

I convinced my dad to build 3 garden beds for me this year.

He got the rough-cut lumber from a local sawmill.  He then cut the boards to size & nailed everything together.  It only took an afternoon to get everything together.

My dad essentially built 3 replicas of the garden bed at my parents' house.  My garden beds are roughly 9' L x 4' W.  

Easy to build raised garden beds | On The Creek Blog //

We put them behind the greenhouse.  A super cool thing about the greenhouse is that it has a front door & a back door.  My side yard is fenced in, so the back door leads right into the fenced-in area.

I'm in the middle of putting some old firewood in the bottom of the beds to fill them in.  Then it will be time to add soil & plants!  I'm super late with getting everything ready this year, but it's getting there!

Easy to build raised garden beds | On The Creek Blog //

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