Thursday, June 21, 2018

Garden 2018 | Planting

tomato & pepper plants

It’s finally time to share my garden!

It only took about a million hours to edit these photos!  I took so many of them this year that I had a difficult time narrowing them all down!

This year I did a bigger garden (using railroad ties), so that meant more plants!

tomato planttomato & pepper plantspepper plants

I buy all of my plants from the local greenhouse.  It’s just so much easier for me to do that instead of starting from scratch.  I know I showed you some of the seeds I picked up last year, but by the time I thought about starting them, it was too late!  I also like to start with bigger plants, so it made sense this year to do it like that.  Maybe I’ll gather up the courage to start from seeds next year!

tomato plant la romatomato planttomato plant

I thought about getting a bunch of different plants this year, but decided to stick to what I know:  tomatoes & peppers.  I had really good luck with them last year so I wanted to continue the winning streak!  Besides, I really don’t eat a lot of different veggies, so I didn’t want them to go to waste.  I also planted some squash (yellow & zucchini) because my husband loves to fry it up.  I may even steam it in the instant pot!

tomato plant la romatomato planttomato plant san marzano

I bought a few varieties of tomatoes this year.  I wanted the ones I had last year because they did really well, but the greenhouse only had a different variety ready so I bought that.  My aunt also recommended the San Marzano tomatoes, so I actually went back & bought more of those.

pepper plantpepper plant king arthurpepper plant

I also bought different varieties of green peppers.  I can’t remember what I bought last year, but I think these are all about the same.  I’m actually not the biggest fan of green peppers, so the variety really didn’t matter to me as with peppers & tomatoespepper plant king arthurpepper plant

There was a tiny part of the garden left over at the end of planting, so my husband suggested planting some green beans from the seeds I bought last year.  I just kind of threw them in the ground & hoped for the best.  Surprisingly, they’re thriving!

I can’t wait to make tomato sauces & stuffed peppers this year.  Since this year’s garden is at least double the size of the one from last year, I’ll have a lot of canning & cooking to do in the fall!

pepper plantpepper plant

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