Thursday, June 28, 2018

10 Cent Roses

DIY Rustic fence with climbing roses | On The Creek Blog
I bought some roses on major clearance!

It started with tomato cages.
You know how you go to the store for one thing & end up a million other things?  Well, that happened to me one day.

My husband & I stopped in the store to grab some tomato cages.  Since
our garden is gigantic this year, we needed additional tomato cages.

rose plantrose plantrose plantrose plant
I had been thinking about buying some sort of climbing plant for an arch I have, but I wasn’t really sure what to get.  As I was browsing the plant section, I came across some clearance roses.  There were both regular rose bushes & climbing roses…and they were 10 cents each!  Of course, they were pretty much half dead, but 10 cents each!  Come on!  I was willing to take a chance on them for that price!
rose plantrose plantrose plant
I originally just wanted just the climbing roses, but since my husband can’t pass up a deal, he convinced me to buy pretty much all of them.

Right now, we have them planted in large pots around our house to see if they’ll come back to life.  If they do, then we’ll plant them all over the place! 
rose plantrose plantrose plant
The funny thing is that we didn’t even end up getting tomato cages from that store!  We wanted smaller ones &t hey didn’t have any, so roses it was!

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