Friday, June 08, 2018

Flowers 2018

flowersflowers | marigoldflowers | snapdragon

Happy Friday!  I’m going to warn you…my next few posts will be all about plants!  I still have to show you what I planted in my garden & how those little plants are already growing & like a million other planting things!  For someone who really didn’t get into gardening until last year, I’m surprised I have so much to talk about!

Today, I’m starting with the flowers!  While I was picking out my vegetable plants are the local greenhouse, I decided to get some flowers as well.


I might have went a little overboard!  I usually just plant my flowers in old sap buckets & place them around the yard, but I actually had to plant a few of them in the ground this time! 

I also threw some sunflower seeds into the ground & I was super surprised to see those thriving as well!

flowers | snapdragonflowersflowers | marigold

Here’s hoping they survive until fall!

flowersflowers | snapdragonflowers | marigold

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