Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DIY Raised Garden Beds

DIY Raised Garden Beds

These DIY raised garden beds are ridiculously easy to make!  There’s no cutting required, either!

You won’t believe what these garden beds are made of!

We changed out the railings in our loft area when we did our huge home renovation last year.  Because I’m Pinterest obsessed, I kept the balusters.  I thought there had to be a way to reuse them.  It took a year, but I finally figured it out!  I was going to use them to make raised garden beds!

Here’s some pictures of the railings in our home before the remodel with the old balusters:

Loft RailingLoft RailingLoft Railing

(You can see the final railing reveal here)

The balusters are nothing special.  They’re just beveled 2-end balusters.  Here’s a link to them at The Home Depot.  What makes them awesome is that they’re easy to maneuver.  They’re only 42 inches, which makes them easy to carry around & transport.  Being beveled at both ends also makes a perfect square! The only things you need to create these garden beds are the balusters, a hammer & nails.  We used the fancy nail gun because it makes it super easy & we have one, but a hammer works just fine too! DIY Raised Garden BedsDIY Raised Garden Beds

First, I made the layout of my garden beds.  Because I only had so many balusters on hand, I only used 4 on each side.

DIY Raised Garden BedsDIY Raised Garden Beds

Next, we laid out the first square. My husband nailed the corners together. For the next layers, he once again nailed the corners together & then also nailed the rows together.  Here’s a close-up of the nails:

DIY Raised Garden BedsDIY Raised Garden Beds

Once everything was nailed together, I painted the beds with some concrete paint that was left over from painting our basement.  The paint was super thick & it adhered to the balusters like a dream.  I’m sure there are different options for painting, but I had this on hand so that’s what I used.

And here’s the final results:

DIY Raised Garden BedsDIY Raised Garden BedsDIY Raised Garden BedsDIY Raised Garden Beds

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