Thursday, May 11, 2017


When I was growing up, my parents raised goats.  We always had baby goats in the springtime.  Back then, goats were a rarity.  We used to have people stop their cars on the road to check out these exotic animals!  That died down with the alpaca craze of the 2000s & when goats became more popular.

All of my parents’ breeding goats were passed away by about 2010 & the farm became a weird place.  They still had one goose left, who, over the years, had taken on the role as a goat.  That winter with all of the goats gone was a sad time for the goose.  Luckily for the goose, my uncle gave my mom his 2 goats & everything was right with the world again.

Since then, my parents have added 5 more goats to the mix & recently bought 4 ponies.  When they bought 2 at an auction, they learned they were pregnant.  Baby ponies were a new thing to the farm.  While my mom brought her 2 ponies from childhood to the farm, they were older & never had babies.

One of the ponies had her baby about a month ago.

Meet Sergio:

Baby Pony

He’s the cutest little thing.  He’s also full of energy & so strong.  He plays nonstop until he falls into a deep sleep in his stable.  I’ve never been a “horse person”, but I just love little Sergio!  I can’t wait to watch him grow up!

Here are some more pics of the little guy:

Baby PonyBaby PonyBaby PonyBaby Pony

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