Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Ultimate Stevia Guide

 Stevia Plant

If you’re looking for tons of information about stevia, look no further!

Our neighbors first introduced us to the stevia plant.  I immediately became OBSESSED!  The leaves tasted super sweet & I could grow this amazing plant in my yard!  Count me in!  I bought 3 plants & was ready to go…

Except I didn’t really know anything about stevia.  How was I supposed to cook with it?  How could I preserve it?  What exactly is this plant that I now have 3 of?  I hit up Pinterest for all the answers & it didn’t disappoint.

Stevia Plant

I found out that Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar.  It has no calories or carbohydrates.  It’s just a sweet little plant!

Even though I bought my plants from a greenhouse, there are tons of tips of starting stevia plants from seeds.  I might go that route for next year’s planting season.  But, I could also bring my plants inside for the winter!

For preserving, I found several links on creating both liquid extract & dried stevia.  A lot of the stevia extract recipes used alcohol that is boiled out, but I found this recipe that uses just water.

Here’s the full list of helpful stevia links:

- How To Grow Stevia and Make Homemade Extract
- sugarfreestevia.net
- Stevia—the sweet herb.  Here’s how it grows.
- How To Use Fresh Stevia Leaves
- Growing Stevia Plants In Winter
- How To Make Stevia Syrup
- Homemade Stevia Extract
- Growing And Using Stevia
- 4 Health Benefits Of Stevia Leaf
- How To Make Stevia Extract
- Growing Stevia
- How To Grow Stevia and Preserve Stevia Leaf

I’ll also be adding more pins to my ‘Stevia’ Pinterest board, so check there for more info!

Stevia Plant

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