Tuesday, October 30, 2018

2018 Garden Recap

2018 Garden Recap!

Here’s the recap of my 2018 garden!  Check out what I loved & hated about the garden this year!

What can I say about the 2018 garden?

Well…it was pretty much a disaster!

I had this great idea to plant a ton more plants this year, thinking they would all thrive & it would be great & I would be canning for days!

That was not the case at all! 

Roma tomato plantGreen pepper plant with tiny green pepperRoma tomato plant

With the extreme heat & endless rain of this summer, the garden did not do very well at all.  I will say that it started to come around at the end of the season, which ended up being too late for it!  At least it tried…even though it was too late!  Better late than never, right?!

Roma tomato plant with green tomatoesRoma tomato plant with green tomatoesRoma tomato plant

The main thing I hated about the garden this year was that I got the ‘wrong’ tomatoes.  Last year, I got a great variety of Roma tomatoes that were super plump & made the best sauces.  This year, the greenhouse I go to had a few varieties & I chose a different one instead.  It ended up being a huge mistake!  The tomatoes were small & full of seeds, which a good pasta sauce does not make!  I only ended up with enough tomatoes to make 2 large jars of pasta sauce & a few large jars of salsa too, which was so disappointing!

dirt in the gardenGreen pepper plant with tiny green pepperdirt in the garden

On my 2017 garden recap post, I mentioned needing more garden space.  Even though the garden didn’t thrive this year, I was glad that we did a larger garden bed from railroad ties.  It didn’t look so messy this year, which was nice!  It was one of the better gardening things this year.

I didn’t do as many varieties of veggies as I wanted this year.  I thought I would stick to the basics & even then I couldn’t even pull that off! 

I hope I’ll have better luck next time because I really love having a garden!

Roma tomato plant with green tomatoesRoma tomato plantGreen pepper plant with tiny green pepper

Right now, I’m honestly not sure if we’re going to be putting in a garden in 2019.  We have a ton of exciting (& time consuming!) things coming up, so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to find the time to do a garden next year.  I’m also sort of burnt out from the failure of the 2018 garden.  If we do have a garden though, I’m going back to the basics & keeping it simple.  I think I got in over my head with the garden this time & chose quantity over quality.  It’s better to have a few thriving plants than a garden full of dead ones!

How was your garden this year?  Did you find success or was it an epic failure like mine?!

In my garden!

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