Monday, August 6, 2018

Surprise Tomatoes

Surprise Tomatoes | On The Creek Blog

My husband suggested I title this post “You can’t stop me, I’m a tomato!”. That title would probably be more fitting for the situation we found ourselves in.
tomato plant
tomato planttomato plant
Remember our unexpected pumpkin patch last year?  Well, we did it again this time with tomatoes!
It all started with the soil from our raised beds last year.  When we replaced that area with our new railroad tie bed, we put the old soil in a pile until we could decide what to do with it.  I used some of it to create a little last minute “flower bed” where I put some old sunflower seeds & hoped for the best.
tomato planttomato planttomato plant
It turns out, the sunflower seeds thrived (post coming soon!) beyond expectations.  While my husband & I were admiring them one night, we noticed something else growing along with them.  At first, they looked like marigolds, which were also planted in the soil last year.  Then, they grew up.  Into tomatoes!
tomato planttomato planttomato plant
I hate to say it, but the tomatoes we didn’t plant are doing waaay better than the ones we did!  It looks like they’re going to be cherry tomatoes, but we’re still not sure what’s going on out there!  They’re doing so well that we made a makeshift trellis to hold them up!
At least we’ll have tomatoes one way or another this year!  Haha!
As always, check out my Facebook page for the full gallery of the surprise tomato pics!
tomato plant
tomato planttomato plant

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  1. It is always kind of a surprise when volunteer plants come up, but fun to have them without having to have planted them! Thank you for sharing at To Grandma's House We Go.


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