Thursday, October 04, 2018

Fall Wreath + A Thrifting Secret

Fall WreathFall Wreath detailsFall Wreath details

So…I’m going to tell you a thrifting secret.  It’s a big one!

The best things to thrift are hands down….


To add to that…fake floral as well.

Every time I’m in a craft store, I always float over to the fake floral section where I’m met with tons of inspiration but insanely high prices!  It’s something that makes me so irrationally angry!  They’re fake flowers so why do they cost so much?!

Fall Wreath detailsFall Wreath detailsFall Wreath details

It’s the same deal with wreaths.  Maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad if I only had to buy one wreath, but I have double front doors & I like to hang a wreath on them both, so the price is automatically doubled & I just can’t deal!  This usually forces me to get creative with Dollar Tree randomness on the door instead of actual wreaths, but I still like wreaths & hang them elsewhere on my house.  There’s a nail from the previous owner right above the front doors that I usually hang a wreath on & I think it looks amazing, even if I have to get out my stepladder every season to reach it!

Fall Wreath detailsFall Wreath details

So while I’m not willing to pay full price for wreaths, I still want them, so I needed to find some cheap!  Well, it appears that yard sales & thrift stores have no idea how much wreaths & fake flowers actually cost, so they’re willing to practically give them away (Don’t get any ideas from this post, thrift stores!)!  I mean, I got this wreath for $2.99!  And I scored an entire box of fake floral for something like $2 at a yard sale this year!  The summer wreath I made was from a box of super cheap flowers I bought at another yard sale last year!

This fall wreath was a complete steal!  Look at those details!  It’s so gorgeous!

I know I pretty much jinxed myself with the wreath situation because y’all are going to head straight for them at the thrift store like me now, but there’s plenty of them to go around (pun totally intended!)!  But, if you happen upon two of the same wreath, save them for me because I’m always searching!

Fall Wreath

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