Wednesday, July 05, 2017

On The Blog | June 2017

on the blog | June 2017

Here’s a recap of what I posted on the blog in June!

I didn’t write as many posts last month, but it ended up being one of my best months ever for visits to my blog!  I’m working on a ton of promoting techniques to really get the most out of my posts.  I’m also working to make my posts better.  Both things take a lot of time, thus the lighter posting.

So…now on to the posts!

3 shows to binge watch

3 Shows To Binge Watch In June
Ugh!  I didn’t binge watch any of these shows!  I just need to sit down & force myself to watch them!  I did end up watching 3 seasons of Younger, though, which I totally recommend watching.  It’s really good.  Maybe I’ll watch my picks this month!

Cherry Jam

Cherry Jam
I love this cherry jam so much that I’ve made another batch.  The recipe is super simple & I absolutely love the end results!

garden tour

Garden 2017
Our garden is still doing really well!  I’m planning on posting more pictures of its progress later in the month!  I can’t wait for all the fresh vegetables!

The ultimate guide to stevia plant

The Ultimate Stevia Guide
My stevia plants are still producing.  I have so many leaves!  I’m planning on dehydrating them so we’ll see how that goes!

Link Love. Links & blogs I'm loving

Link Love 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22
My ‘link love’ posts are still a favorite to write.  I love going through my blogs every week & choosing my favorite links.  There are so many creatives out there & I love seeing what they come up with next!

Summer Wreath

Summer Wreath
I loved how I could take something random & turn it into something awesome!  I really thought that I didn’t have enough flowers to make anything, but I managed to create this wreath.  This project was super time consuming for me, though.  I had no idea what I was doing & kept getting so frustrated!  I’m glad I persisted & got this done!

How to have an epic summer + free printable bucket list

How To Have An Epic Summer
I’m all about summer bucket lists!  I tried to keep the printable less specific to give you space for your own ideas!  I can’t wait to check some things off my own summer bucket list!

Aaand that was what was on the blog in June!

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