Thursday, July 27, 2017

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie

An homemade blueberry pie!  Fresh blueberries, white wine & a homemade crust make this pie irresistible!

Blueberry PieBlueberry PieBlueberry Pie

We went blueberry picking last weekend.  I never realized how tedious blueberry picking actually is!  It takes so long just to get a small amount a blueberries!  It also didn’t help that I chose one of the hottest days of the year!  My husband & I were actually going grocery shopping when we passed a “U Pick Blueberries” sign.  Of course, we followed the sign all over the countryside until we arrived at a wonderful farm.  We then spent the next hour or so picking blueberries & sweating profusely!

Complaints aside, it was all worth it because the blueberries were used in this amazing pie.

This pie is completely from scratch, which is a first for me.  When I worked in retail, I had a customer tell me all about her homemade apple pies.  She then asked how I make pies & I had to admit that I used a pie filling in a can.  She left me in the dust after that!  In my defense, I never knew how easy it actually is to make pie filling.  Not to mention it tastes so much better too!

Blueberry PieBlueberry PieBlueberry Pie

For the crust I used a homemade pie crust recipe I found in one of my vintage cookbooks.  It worked out perfectly.  If you don’t have a homemade pie crust that you love, check out Ali’s post on the perfect pie crust.  It’s life changing!

The pie filling is modified from Tieghan’s Mulled Cherry Bomb Pie recipe.  I used white wine instead of red & 1/2 cup more brown sugar.  It came out so good.  The white wine I used had a more mild flavor with the blueberries, which I enjoyed.

As you can tell by the pictures, I have no idea how to crimp the edges of the crust!  I just did the best I could to make sure the filling stayed in the shell!  It had a small overflow, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected!

Even though making a pie homemade is a time consuming activity, I think it’s worth it!  I’ll definitely be making more homemade pies from now on!

Blueberry Pie

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