Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The App That Will Make Your Road Trips Epic

Roadtrippers is the best app for road trips!

I couldn’t believe I forgot to add ‘road trip’ to my summer bucket list post!

Spontaneous road trips are my favorite.  I love hitting the road without a specific destination.  Road tripping that way leads to so many random & cool adventures!

Of course, when I just randomly travel across the map, I miss out on a lot of sights!  Whenever I come home from a road trip like that, I like to open up Google Maps & see the big picture of where I’ve been.  I end up finding so many cool places nearby that I could have visited.

I needed to find a balance between spontaneity & seeing the sights.

I first heard about the Roadtrippers app from Sarah, who used it when she traveled from Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ.  I decided to check it out to see what it was all about…

And I was blown away!  Basically, you enter in where you’re at & where you’re going & the app does all the work!  It can show accommodation, attractions, food & drink, outdoors & recreation, points of interest & vacation rentals along the route.  Don’t want to see everything?  You can pick & choose what to see!

I love that there’s both an app & an actual web site that sync together to make my road tripping dreams come true.  I can use the desktop version to check out places in advance & add them to my road trip.  If I’m just out & about, I can look at the app on my phone to see what’s cool nearby!

I can’t wait to use this on a road trip!

This post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just love Roadtrippers!

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