Monday, July 24, 2017

Binge Watch | Younger

Younger TV Show on TV Land

Younger is a quick & easy binge watch!  It’s full of great characters & a secret that carries through the entire series.

While I talk a lot about binge watching, sometimes it can be downright tedious for me.  A lot of the time I crave more depth than what a movie can provide.  At the same time, it seems like some shows just go on & on & it begins to feel like more of a chore to me.  It’s like ‘Okay…I’ve committed this far, so I have to see it to the end!’.

Younger is not one of these shows.

I’ve breezed through the first three seasons & I still found myself asking for more!  Luckily season four is just starting because I don’t know how long I could go without this show in my life!  It doesn’t hurt that each show is just 30 minutes long (with commercials…22 minutes without).  That’s just long enough to keep me engaged & wanting to click on the next episode.

I actually need to take a break from watching some shows because they’re just so heavy & there’s so much information to process.  Younger manages to be engaging, yet still keep things light.

Younger follows the story of Liza Miller, a 40 year old woman reentering the working world after a long sabbatical.  With her daughter grown & her marriage ending, she tries to find a job in publishing, a career she had before raising a family.  She quickly finds out that with her age & gap in job history, employers are reluctant to hire her.  In a chance encounter, someone mistakes her for a much younger woman & Liza decides to use that to her advantage in the job world.  She takes on the profile of a twenty-some year old woman & lands a job as an assistant in a publishing firm.  The show follows Liza as she attempts to keep up with portraying a younger woman & the problems her secret creates.

Personally, I love the show because I’m in between being in my twenties & being forty, so I can draw from both sides of the ages.  I’m also left wondering how long Liza can keep this charade up while everything is stacked against her!

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