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Seed Starting Month


Seed Starting Month! | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com
Happy seed starting month!

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Happy March!  I am beyond excited that it is finally time to seed start for the garden!

Now I know that you're supposed to start seeds 6-8 weeks out but since I'm the most impatient person on the planet, I'm starting them very soon so they will be more like 12-13 weeks out.  It takes a little more work to keep my tiny seedlings going but I genuinely enjoy it.

I am so much like my dad when it comes to seed starting.  He actually started his plants before me last year!  He started around March 1 & I started around March 15.  He has already been pestering me about starting peppers because they take forever!  He tried to get me by asking if I got my pepper seeds yet...little did he know that I got my pepper seeds in January!  I definitely understood the assignment!

I always say I'm going to do just a few seeds but I know I'll end up doing tons of plants!  I have nowhere to put them this year so if you're local & want some pepper & tomato plants, let me know!

Seed Starting Month! | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com

I'm a huge fan of Mind & Soil & the mental health benefits of gardening. I've always loved seed starting but after the year I had, I need to keep my mind busy.  Planting seeds seems like a perfect fresh start activity.  It will definitely be bittersweet but I think I'll find a little purpose in nurturing little seedlings.  To brag even further about Mind & Soil...I absolutely love Jordan's worm casting story (It starts at about 16 minutes)!

Seed Starting Month! | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com

My goal for this week is to get my basement growing area ready.  I think I have enough supplies to get started.  My plan is to start my seeds in the peat pellet greenhouse & keep transplanting them into larger containers as they grow up.

I'm also super excited because I gave in & bought a reusable seed starting tray (They're a little more expensive on Amazon.)!  I'm hoping it's worth the investment!  I'm not a big fan of starting seeds in actual soil but I'm going to give it a try!

Seed Starting Month! | On The Creek Blog // www.onthecreekblog.com

The pictures in this post are from last years seed starting adventures!  The ones in the peat pellets are mine & the ones in the dirt are my dad's.  I looked at the timestamp on the pictures & the ones from my dad are dated March 14!  He hasn't started planting this year so he needs to step up his game!  Haha!

If you're starting seeds this year, tell me about it!  When do you start?  What do you plant?  All of it!

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