Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Make It Sweet

Life is short, make it sweet | On The Creek Blog //
 Life is short, make it sweet.

I got this message on the back of a Splenda packet when I was making my tea the other morning.  I thought it was fitting for the situation I'm in.

Coincidentally, I got the same message yesterday morning from a Splenda packet when I was making tea at my mom's house.

I know it's just a cute phrase to put on a sugar substitute packet but it has been my motto for life lately.

If this year has taught me anything, it is that you never know when this life will be over.  

My mom & I were talking the other day about how some people's lives are cut short.  How some people don't have enough time on this earth.  I thought about it for a minute & realized that even if I live to be 100, it probably still won't be enough time for me.  We're all in a race against time & it will never be enough.

Since James passed away, my trick to life has been to make it sweet.  I try to find the beautiful in every moment.  I don't let things bother me like I used to.  I love harder than I've ever loved before.  I try to remember to see the sunrises & sunsets.  I love the simple things now.

Life is short, make it sweet | On The Creek Blog //

I made a vision board on the background of my laptop so I'm always reminded of my goals.  It was kind of funny when I realized that instead of putting things like 'have a million dollars' & 'own a fancy car', I put 'being a good person' & 'starry nights'.  I think when it all ends for me, I wouldn't miss not having a million dollars but I will miss the smell of the rain.

I'm learning that sometimes the only thing I can control in a situation is my reaction.  I have to give it up to a higher power to figure out.  Until then I'll be standing here with love in my broken heart.

Life is short...make it sweet.

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