Friday, March 04, 2022

Kids Garden Bed

Kids Raised Garden Bed | On The Creek Blog //
The super cute raised garden bed I bought for my son!

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My son, Braxton, usually has a sleepover at Grammy & Grumpy's house on Saturday night.  I love to spend my Saturday nights taking a hot bath with my calming bubble bath.  Then I take a little bit of melatonin, get super comfy on the couch & watch something on TV other than cartoons!  Okay, there have been a couple nights where I've watched Shrek & Tangled but I try to keep it to shows I can't watch with my son around!

After my self care Saturday night I usually end up waking up super early on Sunday morning.  I started making this my Walmart trip time.  I love going to stores super early in the morning.  The stores have hardly any people in them so I can leisurely stroll around & look at everything.  I don't have a lot going on in my life right now so walking down every aisle at Walmart on a Sunday morning is my new favorite pastime.

Kids Raised Garden Bed | On The Creek Blog //

The problem with going down every aisle at Walmart is that I buy everything!  I might have to limit my Walmart trips to once a month because I spent so much money last time!  In my defense, it has been a really long time since I got to go into a store & actually look at everything.

I was browsing the garden area for seed starting supplies when I came across this super cute kids elevated garden bed!  I really want to get Braxton into gardening & I was thinking of making something for him to have his own little garden, but for less than $50, I decided to give this garden bed a try!  I'm all about simplicity these days.

Kids Raised Garden Bed | On The Creek Blog //

My dad & my son put the garden bed together.  From what I hear, it was fairly easy to put together.  I love that it has a chalkboard side!

I hope you can tell from the pictures how small it is.  It is only 2ft tall but it's the cutest thing ever!  It will be perfect for Braxton to start his garden in this year.  He's thinking of planting flowers in it which will be so pretty this summer!

It looks like the kids garden bed with a chalkboard is only available at Walmart.  I found a couple similar raised gardens on Amazon for around the same price that I linked below.  It might be super fun to buy one of those & let the kids decorate it themselves!

I've said this a million times but I cannot wait for summer & gardening season!

Kids Raised Garden Bed | On The Creek Blog //

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