Friday, January 07, 2022

Seed Starting Plans 2022

My seed starting plans | On The Creek Blog //
My seed starting plans for 2022!

I thought a super snowy day would be the perfect time to write about seed starting!  Haha!

Seed starting is one of my favorite things.  This will be my 3rd year starting plants from seeds & I just love it.  I began my seed starting journey in 2020 when the world shut down just for something to keep me busy.  I ended up loving it so much that I have been seed starting every year since!

I'll do another post with my favorite seed starting supplies, but I want to talk today about where I'll be seed starting.

I really wanted to start seeds in the greenhouse this year.  The greenhouse still needs some finishing touches to make it ready for plants.  A big thing is insulation.  It is a drafty nightmare right now!  

Another thing the greenhouse needs is electricity.  I really want to run electric through the entire greenhouse so I can use a heater, grow lights & heating mats.

My seed starting plans | On The Creek Blog //

My seed starting plans | On The Creek Blog //

My dad is helping me with the electricity part & we got a list of materials together.  Because I want to do so much, it's going to end up costing quite a bit.  I don't want to spend too much this year so I came up with another plan:

I will be seed starting in the basement this year.  It's totally not Pinterest worthy but it works.  I already have electricity in the basement so it will be easy to set up.  I also don't have to worry about insulation.  I'm still undecided about what insulation I'm going to use in the greenhouse anyway so this will give me more time to think about it.

My seed starting plans | On The Creek Blog //

My seed starting plans | On The Creek Blog //

Even though I want a fancy setup, I'm scaling back this year.  I don't need fancy supplies to start a garden.  The first year I just used a single table & had great results.  I'm all about using what I have & I think I have enough of the basics to get started.

I will do another post once I have my seed starting area set up.  It might be sooner rather than later because I can't wait to get started on the garden this year.  I already bought pepper seeds!

My seed starting plans | On The Creek Blog //

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