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I never imagined I would become a widow & single mom at 34 years old.

Life as I knew it ended abruptly on a random Wednesday in December 2021.  The life I had spent almost 16 years building with my husband was suddenly gone. 

This is the start of the new life I never wanted. 

Now that I unfortunately know that life can be so short, I'm trying to cherish every moment.  I want to be a light to others.  We only get one go around on this earth so I'm trying to make it count.  At the end of the day love is everything.

I started writing 'grief diaries' posts to help me work through the multitude of emotions & trauma I have from everything.

I'm getting a little better every day, but I know this wound will never fully heal.  I can accept that it happened, but I will never accept the way it all went down.

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