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Embracing the Slow Lane: A Year of Intentional Gardening

A Year of Intentional Gardening | on the creek blog //

Hey there, Besties! 🌟

You know I'm always about turning a drab space into something magical, right? Well, this year, my garden is getting that slow, magical touch, and I'm here to share the journey with you. 🌱✨

This season, I decided to take things at a leisurely pace with my garden. Not because I planned it meticulously, but rather, life happened, and my usual spring planting slipped through the cracks. By the time I realized it, it was already June! But you know what? It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

A Year of Intentional Gardening | on the creek blog //

A Year of Intentional Gardening | on the creek blog //

A Slow Start

I began the season lazily, missing the window to start many of my seeds. In the end, I had just one successful tomato plant and one pepper plant, plus a few others gifted by my parents. It wasn't until mid-June that I kicked into gear, experimenting with older seeds I had stashed away and embracing every volunteer tomato and pepper that nature sent my way.

Therapeutic Gardening

This year, gardening has become my therapy. It's not about the harvest or filling my pantry—it's about nurturing each plant and enjoying the growth process. My mint box has thrived under my care, with little sprouts getting extra attention and love.

Embracing Uncertainty

Sure, I'm a bit worried about my harvest timing. My pumpkins might be racing against the frost, and my fall decorations could be delayed. But there's something incredibly rewarding about nurturing these plants from unexpected beginnings. Those volunteer plants? They've become stars in their own right, reducing waste and maximizing the bounty of my garden.

A Year of Intentional Gardening | on the creek blog //

A Year of Intentional Gardening | on the creek blog //

Lessons from the Garden

This slower pace has taught me to appreciate the moment and the unexpected gifts that come with it. It's a lesson I'm trying to apply beyond the garden, too—taking time to consider all options in life and work before making decisions.

My Advice to You

For anyone feeling hesitant or late to the game in any aspect of life—not just gardening—I say go for it. Life is too short for what-ifs. Starting a garden late in the season? It's a risk worth taking and definitely not something you'd regret when you look back.

So, here's to taking it slow, embracing the unexpected, and making the most of every moment. Because, after all, isn't life our biggest DIY project ever? 🛠️🌱

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