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From Paint Snob to Paint Slob – Why I Now Use Whatever Works!


From Paint Snob to Paint Slob | on the creek blog //

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Today, I'm taking a little trip down memory lane. Remember when I was super picky about paint brands? Yep, I was quite the paint snob. But guess what? Things have changed! While I admit some paint is better than others, I've realized that nobody will notice if I use $1 acrylic paint for projects like painting a picture frame. Let's dive into why sometimes any paint will do!

From Paint Snob to Paint Slob | on the creek blog //

The Early Days

In the beginning, when I first ventured into refurbishing furniture, my go-to was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, arguably the best chalk paint available. However, its limited availability meant driving over 30 miles just to pick up a can—talk about commitment!

I also fell hard for Fusion Mineral Paint, which I still adore due to its built-in topcoat—perfect for someone like me who struggles with finishing touches. Yes, I once drove an hour each way just to get my hands on this paint!

Choosing the Right Paint

Choosing the right paint can indeed make a difference, especially for specific projects. Specialty paints like Fusion Mineral or Annie Sloan offer unique advantages, such as easier application and better durability for furniture. However, they have limitations, such as higher costs and fewer color options.

From Paint Snob to Paint Slob | on the creek blog //

The Industry Secret

Before the trend of specialized "cabinet paints," many DIY enthusiasts and professionals simply used regular latex wall paint for cabinets—and it worked just fine! This shows that specialty paints offer certain benefits but are not always necessary.

Pros & Cons of Specialty Paint:


- Specialty paints often come with additives like built-in sealers or primers.

- They can save time and effort in the prep and finishing stages.

- Often better for specific surfaces or uses, offering more durability.


- Higher cost.

- Limited color choices and availability.

- It can be overkill for simple or small projects.

From Paint Snob to Paint Slob | on the creek blog //


Being open to experimenting with different types of paint has taught me that flexibility can lead to creativity and unexpected success. Whether you're touching up an old picture frame or tackling a full furniture refurbishment, the right paint might just be the one you already have at hand. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff—embrace the unexpected, and sometimes, the less expensive options lead to the best outcomes!

Call to Action

I'm eager to hear about your paint adventures! What's your go-to paint for projects, and have you ever discovered a surprising favorite? Your paint stories and tips are valuable not only to me but also to our entire community. Share them in the comments below!

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