Monday, April 01, 2019

2019 Garden Plans

Plans for my 2019 garden!

Read my plans for my 2019 garden!

After the disaster that was the 2018 garden, I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with a garden.
From dying tomato plants & tiny peppers, I was pretty much done with gardening.  I took on a lot more plants last year too & didn’t even see half the yield that I had the year before.

La Roma tomato plant!

It was such a huge disappointment that I seriously thought about tearing my garden space out & spreading the dirt somewhere else…
But the show must go on!  I can’t just not have a garden!  I love mixing the different soils.  I love picking out plants.  I actually like gardening.  I guess I even like it when things don’t go right.
So that’s why I’ll be doing another garden in 2019!
But! I have to learn my limits.

King Arthur Green pepper plant!

Tomato plant growing in a wire tomato cage!

 I’ll be doing things a little differently this year.  First, I’m bringing back my two little raised garden beds!  They took a break last year while I tried out a huge raised garden & I found that I actually liked my little garden beds way better.  When I first tried the raised beds in 2017, they ended up looking like a mess at the end of the year with plants growing everywhere.  This year, I’m going to be more intentional with my planting & only plant a few things in each bed.  I’m thinking tomatoes on one side with some sort of trellis & peppers on the other side.

Green pepper plant!

Green Roma tomatoes growing in the garden!

I’m also only going to be doing the 2 small beds for my planting.  I was thinking about making more raised beds, but I’m not really feeling like overdoing it this year.  Again, I need to learn my limits & I think 2 small raised beds should be enough!

King Arthur Green Pepper plants!

Green Roma tomato growing in the garden!

So what am I doing with my large raised garden?  Well, that’s going to be a test garden of sorts!  I’m probably going to throw some pumpkin seeds in there & see what happens.  I also didn’t really clear the soil from last year, so I’m going to let whatever wants to come up in there work its magic.  I’m not ready to totally get rid of the large garden, so I’m just going to let it do its thing!  If I get some plants, great!  If nothing comes up, I’m not super worried about it!
I’m totally proceeding with caution with this year’s garden, but I’m still really excited to get some plants in!

King Arthur Green Pepper Plant in the garden!

What are your garden plans for 2019?

Keyston Resistant Giant Green Pepper from the garden!

Photos are from my 2018 garden.

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