Thursday, April 18, 2019

Unleashing Spring Early: My Love Affair with Chair Planters

Hey there, Besties! 🌟

I've got a little confession to make: while I've been preaching patience this spring, waiting on the mulch and the mowing, my heart couldn't resist the pull of my beloved chair planters. Yes, they're already out in the yard, brightening up the space with their charming presence, even though they're still waiting for their floral companions.

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A Clever Solution to Clutter

The truth? I was partly motivated by our mission to declutter the basement. The chair planters were there, taking up space, whispering spring promises. So, outside they went! And though I could've tucked them away out of sight, their rightful place is in the garden, standing proud and flowerless (for now), a testament to my eagerness for the season ahead.

garden chair planter ideas | On The Creek Blog //

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Since my planters are already basking in the anticipation of spring, why not dive into a bit of nostalgia and share some chair planter inspiration from years past? These photos, capturing the essence of seasons gone by, are a vibrant reminder of the beauty that's yet to come.

The Art of the Traditional Chair Planter

The secret to a stunning chair planter? It's all about choosing lush, overflowing blooms that drape elegantly over the sides, transforming an ordinary chair into a living masterpiece. My mom's garden serves as the perfect muse for this approach, with chairs that become the canvas for an explosion of color and life.

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My Quirky Twist

I admit, I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, preferring to perch my plants atop the chairs in old sap buckets, creating a unique fusion of rustic charm and botanical beauty. By adding stones for stability and topping them off with soil, my planters stay put, even on the breeziest of days.

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garden chair planter ideas | On The Creek Blog //

The Joy of Yard Sale Finds

And then there's my delightful discovery of goose planters at a yard sale, which have found their quirky perch atop my chair planters, adding a whimsical touch to the garden.

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Embracing New Ideas

Inspired by my mom's ingenious method of integrating a planter directly into a chair, I'm buzzing with excitement to experiment with this concept, especially for those chairs in my collection that are missing their seats.

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The Promise of a Floral-Filled Future

As the greenhouse visits loom on the horizon, I'm dreaming of filling my chair planters with a cascade of blooms, perhaps even mastering the art of the overflowing floral chair this year.

So, Besties, as we tiptoe into spring, let's remember that it's more than okay to start dreaming of our gardens, to bring out the pieces of our hearts that belong among the flowers, even if it's just a bit early. After all, what's a garden without a bit of anticipation and a whole lot of love? πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŒ±

garden chair planter ideas | On The Creek Blog //

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