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On The Blog | August 2017

On The Blog | August 2017

August was a slow month for blog posts!

Things with our dog were crazy & unpredictable so I spent a lot of time taking him to vet appointments & trying to calm him down.  That didn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.  I tried to make up for it at the end of the month, when things calmed down a little.  I’ve been super productive lately & have a few September posts already written out!  If things get crazy again, I’ll be ready!

Here’s what was on the blog in August:

Link Love

Link Love // 27 // 28 // 29

I skipped a week of ‘link love’ posts & it has me so behind!  I use Feedly to follow blogs & I have so many unread articles right now!  I’m slowly catching up, but it’s still taking forever!

Netflix Picks

Netflix Picks

Aside from the three movies I’ve already watched, I haven’t watched a lot on Netflix this month!  I really need to sit down & binge watch something on Netflix!  I’ve been watching a lot of real-time TV lately, though, which brings me to:

The SinnerMidnight, Texas

Show To Watch // The Sinner // Midnight, Texas

The Sinner!  I’m still loving it!  The series is halfway into its 8 episode run & I’m not sure how it’s going to end!  Twists & turns at every corner!

I’m still enjoying Midnight, Texas.  Its pace is so much slower than The Sinner, but that’s because it’s a full length series!  It’s just so weird to watch them both back to back!

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch | August 2017

I never intended to make the pumpkin patch a regular series on the blog, but here we are!  For being something completely uncared for, it sure is thriving!  Alright…so the ‘uncared’ for part isn’t totally true.  Sometimes I’ll water the patch!  If it grew after every unintentional attempt to kill it, I figured I might as well help it out a little bit!

Yard Sale Tips

How To Have The Worst Yard Sale Ever

Our yearly yard sales are epic!  After throwing around a few ideas about how I was going to approach this, I finally came up with a post poking fun of the entire situation!  There is the right way to run a yard sale & then there’s my family’s way!

Garden | August 2017

Garden | August 2017

Our jungle of a garden is still producing!  I made pasta sauce with the Roma tomatoes & it was so delicious!  I will say that no one told me that it takes a TON of tomatoes to make a small amount of sauce!

Fall TV 2017Fall TV

I am so excited for all the new shows!

Aaand that was what was going on in August on the blog!

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