Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fall TV 2017

Fall TV | Premieres & Returning Shows
It’s that magical time once again:  Fall TV premiere season!

It seems like I get more excited every year about all the new shows coming on TV!  I love getting lost in a good show & autumn is when a ton of new shows come out.  I even made a little cheat sheet with the premiere dates on it!

Fall TV | Premiere Dates Cheat Sheet
It looks like the networks are trying to space things out this year.  There are a lot of midseason premieres this time, which is a relief for my DVR because it’s currently filled to the max with about a million episodes of Mysteries At The Museum!  It’s one of the only shows I can fall asleep to & I almost never finish an episode so they just hang out on my DVR until I either finish watching or delete them!  I’ll have to get them under control before the premieres start!

When it comes to fall TV, I don’t discriminate.  I’ll record everything & then weed out what I don’t want to watch.  This year I’m not overly excited to watch any particular new show.  I’m just looking forward to watching them all & picking favorites afterwards!

What I’m really looking forward to are some of my favorites coming back from summer break. I can’t wait until Scandal, The Blacklist & Quantico come back!

What shows are you looking forward to?

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