Monday, August 28, 2017

Garden | August 2017

Garden | August 2017
Our garden is a jungle right now!
Garden Fresh PepperGarden Fresh PepperGarden Fresh Stevia
I’m currently working on another post detailing everything I’m planning to do differently for next year’s garden, but I will say this right now:  this year’s garden was too small!  Those cute garden boxes we made?  They’re totally overgrown with plants!  I can hardly get in there to get the veggies out!
Garden Fresh Roma TomatoGarden Fresh Roma TomatoesGarden Fresh Roma Tomatoes
I’m really happy that everything grew so good this year.  We have a ton of yellow squash & tomatoes.  Our cucumbers didn’t do very well.  I think an animal got in the garden & tore up the vines a little.  We still managed to get 5 cucumbers, though!
Garden Fresh CucumbersGarden Fresh TomatoesGarden Fresh Tomatoes
As far as canning goes, I haven’t ventured into those waters yet.  I made refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers & a very small amount of pasta sauce with the tomatoes that wasn’t worth canning.
Our tomatoes & squash are still growing, so there will probably be a September garden update as well!
Garden Fresh Roma TomatoesGarden Fresh Roma TomatoesA Bowl Of Garden Fresh Roma Tomatoes

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