Friday, September 15, 2017

My Parents’ Garden

My parents' garden

My parents always plant a huge garden! 

Here’s a peek at what they grew this year:

Basket of grape tomatoes Roma TomatoesRoma TomatoesRoma Tomaotes

Roma TomaotesRoma TomaotesBeefsteak Tomatoes

So. Many. Tomatoes.

They grew a couple varieties of tomatoes.  They ended up with so many grape tomatoes!

My mom uses the tomatoes to make homemade pasta sauce & salsa.  She also freezes the tomatoes to use in chili.

Sweet CornSweet Corn

My parents also grow a ton of corn.  My mom normally takes the corn off the cob & freezes it, but we had some fresh corn on the cob one night & it was sooo good!

We also use the corn stalks as fall decor!

Apple on treeApple on treeBartlett pear on tree

Remember my post in the spring with the fruit blooms?  Well, here they are now!  My mom used the Bartlett pears to create a yummy pear jam!

Aaand that wraps up ‘garden week’ here on the blog!  I had so much fun showing you my garden & my parents’ garden!

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