Monday, June 12, 2023

Three Years With My Little Free Library

Little Free Library | on the creek blog //

My Little Free Library celebrated its third anniversary in May!

I love little free libraries so much. They are essential because they increase access to books, particularly for those needing more resources to purchase them. Little Free Libraries also serve as community gathering places, promoting a sense of belonging and connection among neighbors. Additionally, they encourage a love of reading and lifelong learning, which is essential for personal growth & success.

I absolutely love it when I go out to my library & see new books. It's so fascinating to see the different book genres placed in the library. One of my favorite things is finding great books at thrift stores to put in the library.

My little free library got a little makeover over the spring. After moving it around, I finally settled on a place at the front of my garden path. I wanted something accessible while still allowing comfort. I set up a couple chairs behind the library for people to sit & read if they wish. But who am I kidding? I will be the first one out there sitting & reading!

I also cut out a cute book decal on my Cricut & added it to the door of my library. I'm all about being extra, so I love any time I can add a little extra to something.

Little Free Library | on the creek blog //

I hope my little free library is still successful & allows people to read books in the future. I know I love having it.

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