Monday, January 30, 2023

Perennial Herbs to Grow in the Garden

Perennial Herbs to Grow in the Garden | On The Creek Blog //

Perennial herbs to grow in your garden!

Perennial herbs are a fantastic addition to any garden! Not only do they provide fresh, flavorful herbs year-round, but they also can help attract beneficial insects and pollinators. 

I'm really into growing herbs this year. I wanted to seed start some varieties that I'll be able to plant outside & enjoy for years to come, so I searched for perennial varieties. I was surprised to find quite a few perennials! I'll include some of them at the bottom of this post!

I want to transform my small front yard into a cute garden space. I want to offer fresh herbs & veggies to my community. Our Little Free Library is located in that space, so I wanted to expand on my community vibe. I'm all about finding small ways to make an impact. Gardening comes pretty easily to me, so I want to start there.

Here are some herbs that are perennials! They would make a great addition to any outdoor space!

- Rosemary
- Lavender
- Oregano
- Marjoram
- Thyme
- Tarragon
- Sage
- Mint
- Parsley
- Lemon Balm
- Chives
- Sorrel
- Yarrow
- Chicory
- Winter savory
- Bay Leaves
- Lovage
- Hyssop
- Anise
- Bergamot
- Catnip

Perennial Herbs to Grow in the Garden | On The Creek Blog //

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