Monday, April 04, 2022

We Were Neon In A Grey Crowd

we were neon in a grey crowd | On The Creek Blog //
We were neon in a grey crowd.

I swear Tractor Supply has the best music.  

Tractor Supply has weirdly become one of my stops during my Sunday morning Walmart trip.  For whatever reason it seems like I always need to stop in there for something.

Yesterday I was in there for dog food.  I stopped for a minute to browse the seeds & one of my favorite songs, "Legends" by Kelsea Ballerini came on.  I hadn't heard that song in a long time so I was rocking out in the seed section!

When I got to the car, I put the song on my radio & really listened.  Then it unlocked a core memory...

I see a lot of James & me in that song.  We were always so fun together & tried to make each other laugh all the time.

There's a thing going around TikTok where one half of the couple starts acting weird & sees if their partner matches their energy.  If we could do that, James would totally match my energy.

There's a line in "Legends" that I just love:  "we were neon in a grey crowd".  James & I were definitely neon in a grey crowd.

I remember early on in our marriage we stayed at a somewhat fancy hotel.  We were the most unfancy people on the planet, but here we were.  There was some sort of event going on in the main area you walk through.  James & I were passing through & stopped for a minute to try to figure out what it was.  I think it was some sort of charity event.  Everyone was dressed in their best formal wear & here we were in our jeans & t-shirts!  It was totally absurd!

we were neon in a grey crowd | On The Creek Blog //

Then, whoever was speaking announced a large money donation provided by someone.  Everyone just kind of stared blankly after the announcement.  James & I looked at each other & immediately started clapping.  I mean, who wouldn't cheer for such a great thing?!  Then the best thing happened...everyone else started clapping too.  It took two ordinary people who had nothing to do with this event to start the party!  Two people who decided to be neon in a grey crowd.

In hindsight, I'm just so glad it worked out!  It could have been so bad if no one else started clapping!

There are so many other examples of how James & I were neon in a grey crowd.  I'm heartbroken that our journey together had to end.  We could have had so many more fun times together.  I don't know why things happen the way they do but I do know life is too short to be anything but happy...even about the smallest things.  I think the small moments hold the most magic!

If you ever get a chance to be neon in a grey crowd, you have to do it!  It's so fun!

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