Friday, September 07, 2018

Fall Planning 2018


It’s officially September which means I’m in fall planning mode!

Fall seems to be my season.

I usually end up going over the top with the outdoor decorations.  Last year, we had our huge unexpected pumpkin patch, which yielded a ton of pumpkins.  On top of that, I also purchased 1/2 a bin of pumpkins from our local produce auction.  To say it was pumpkin city over here is an understatement!

I’m super bummed that we didn’t grow pumpkins this year.  We threw our rotten pumpkins in the weeds but they never took off.  I’m planning on having a formal pumpkin patch next year because I love them so much!


Fall is just so easy to decorate for!  I just put mums & pumpkins out & call it a day!  In the past, I’ve decorated with my sewing tables but I’m not sure if I want to dig them out of the basement this year.

I’m also super excited about decorating the inside of our home for fall.  I’ve never decorated our interior for the seasons so I’m looking forward to that!  I’m thinking tons of DIYs!

Even though I hate for summer to end, I’m looking forward to decorating for fall!


(Pictures are from last fall.)

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