Wednesday, July 20, 2022

She Shed Tiny Office

A Small Office Space in the Greenhouse | On The Creek Blog //
A little office space in the greenhouse!

I finally got around to cleaning up the greenhouse a few weeks ago. I put all of my gardening supplies away neatly on their shelves.

Once everything was organized, I saw that I had a little extra empty space, so I created a little "office" area in the greenhouse for the summer.

This was really just an excuse to get some things out of my house & store them in the greenhouse for a bit! I primarily work inside my house but having a little space to store items is excellent.

I had this little table in the basement that James & I never finished. It has leaves on either side, but it's perfect in the greenhouse. I still want to stain the tabletop, but it will work now. It's a great size & height for working on my laptop.

Another item I love is the old lantern. I got it from my friends' parents' yard sale & it's one of my favorite things. It's such a beautiful display piece! You all know I'm a massive fan of anything old & rustic & the lantern is so beautiful & authentic.

It's just a simple setup, but it makes me so happy. I managed to free up some shelving to put my notebooks & pens. I also put my "friends" (energy drinks!). I started buying them by the case from Amazon, so I needed somewhere to store them. A Small Office Space in the Greenhouse | On The Creek Blog //

When James & I were making signs last year, he helped me put in nails to store them in the greenhouse. I still have some left over, so I kept them up as "decor."

I only took pictures on one side of the greenhouse, but all my gardening supplies are neatly stored on the other side.
A Small Office Space in the Greenhouse | On The Creek Blog //
Sometimes I want a different view to work, so this little setup is perfect. I can go out there on cool nights, open the windows & write in my notebooks or work on my blog things.

The little greenhouse is far from perfect, but I've learned to thrive in imperfections.

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