Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fresh Mulch in the Yard

Our yard is freshly mulched!

We finally got mulch for our landscaping!  Take a peek at some of our fresh mulch!

My husband & I took on a huge project last weekend…


Truck full of bagged black mulch!

I always forget how much work it is to mulch our property.  I think that it will just take like half the day at most & it will be done!  Spoiler:  it never happens that way!  It also doesn’t help that we seem to add a new mulch feature to our land every year!

This year we added a huge area to the side of our house!  I could never figure out exactly what I wanted to do with that side of the house so it was just bare over there!  Last fall, my husband put more topsoil around that side & after walking on it with the dogs all winter, it became a muddy mess so it was the perfect time to do something with it!  It’s getting mulched out for now & then we’ll decide if/when we add any plants!  We do get our house sprayed for bugs (#loghomeproblems), so I want to keep it as neat & clear over there as possible.

Hosta plant with fresh black mulch around them!

Hosta plants with fresh black mulch around them!

We’re super late to the mulch game this year.  Last year, we mulched in April!  I was super hesitant this year because we had a huge mulch fiasco last year.  The mulch we bought was all dried out & even though we had several mulch layers going on throughout the years, tons of weeds were growing through it this year!  I didn’t have it in me to get another bad batch of mulch, so we waited a super long time this year.

Hosta plants with fresh black mulch around them!

Hosta plants with fresh black mulch around them!

Another thing holding us back from mulching our yard was the price.  Because I’m an overthinker, I calculated every possible way to get mulch at the best price.  I actually found that the bagged mulch (when it went on sale) was the cheapest option for us, so I just had to wait for the sale.  Last weekend it was finally on sale so we stocked up!  It’s a total pain to get bagged mulch, but I’m all about saving money!

Lilac leaves over fresh black mulch!

We still have to mulch around the side of our property by our grape vines & apple trees, but it’s done for the most part!

I just love the look of fresh mulch!

Our yard is freshly mulched!

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