Monday, December 10, 2018

Mason Jar Baking Storage

Mason jar baking supply storage | On The Creek Blog //

Easy baking storage using large mason jars!

Since we’re getting into the Christmas baking season, I decided to switch up my spice shelf!

My baking supplies are usually in the cabinet above my shelf but since I like to bake cookies during Christmastime so I wanted my baking supplies easy to get to. 

Mason jar baking supply storage | On The Creek Blog //

Mason jar baking supply storageMason jar baking supply storage

Plus…I like the way the mason jars look on the shelf!  Also, there’s a ton of wasted space on the shelf when my spices are there, so it kind of turns into a catch-all for random kitchen junk & ends up looking so cluttered!  I feel like the mason jars fit the space better & it might make this space clutter free!

Mason jar baking supply storageMason jar baking supply storage

These are just simple 64oz mason jars that I randomly found on sale at Ace Hardware a few years ago when we first moved into our house.  I put black stickers on the top & wrote what was in the jar with a silver Sharpie so there wouldn’t be any confusion!  I can usually tell what’s in there by looking, but it would be disastrous to mess things up!

Mason jar baking supply storageMason jar baking supply storageMason jar baking supply storage

I religiously put my baking supplies into the jars for a long time but then I got lazy & that cabinet above the shelf turned into a nightmare!  Because I plan on cookie baking soon, I decided to clean out the cabinet & put my baking supplies back in their jars.  Now I have an organized baking situation & I love it!

Mason jar baking supply storage

So what am I baking this Christmas?  Here’s a quick rundown of the things I want to make:

- Peanut Butter Blossoms:  These are my go to cheat peanut butter cookie recipe!  With only 3 ingredients, they’re so easy to make!  I made these last year for my husband’s work Christmas party & everyone loved them!

- Snowball Cookies:   These are one of my favorite holiday cookies!  With simple ingredients, these are easy to whip together!

- Gingerbread Cookies:  I’ve never made gingerbread cookies before, but I really want to this year!

- Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookies:  I’ve been wanting to make sugar cookies really bad this year & this recipe looks like a great place to start!  I even went out & bought cute Christmas cookie cutters!  Ugly sweater cookies for the win!

Aaand that’s about it!  My mom always bakes a ton of cookies, so I know there will be plenty of cookies everywhere!  I just like experimenting with different things & I think these cookies will be an easy start!

Now that my baking supplies are organized & within reach, Christmas baking should be a breeze!

Mason jar baking supply storage

Baking Supply storage in mason jars!

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