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The Little Change That Transformed My Kitchen: Upgrading Cabinet Door Hinges

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog // www.onthecreekblog.comHey there, Besties! 🌟

Ever find yourself on a seemingly endless quest to sprinkle that last pinch of perfection into your home? Well, gather around because I've got a tale from the heart of our kitchen that's all about the little things making a huge impact. Let's talk about the transformative journey of our kitchen cabinet door hinges! πŸšͺ✨
new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //
Our kitchen makeover a few years back was a whirlwind of creativity and hard work, touching every corner except, oddly enough, the door hinges. They were the silent bystanders, clinging to their posts as we danced around them, deeming them "good enough" amid the flurry of change. But, as with all things in our cozy nooks that don't quite fit, they started whispering to me, becoming impossible to ignore. πŸ€”

Picture this: whenever I waltzed into the kitchen, those old hinges caught my eye, like uninvited guests at a gala, clashing with the elegance around them. It became my daily mantra, "Today's the day I'll swap them out," Yet, days turned into months. πŸ•°️new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //

Fast forward to a serendipitous trip to Home Depot (because what's a weekend without a little DIY scouting, right?), where we stumbled upon the perfect match for our door pulls. It was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle – a moment of DIY serendipity! I gleefully snagged those value packs of hinges, a little splurge for peace of mind and aesthetic harmony. πŸ’Έ✨

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //

Oh, but the plot thickens, dear friends. This hinge swap was but a chapter in the ongoing saga of our kitchen's transformation. Peeling paint and wearied cabinets had been casting a shadow over our culinary haven, a stark reminder of the sealing step I'd skipped in our initial remodel. The plan? A kitchen cabinet repaint and the grand debut of our new hinges. πŸŽ¨πŸ› ️

Here's a sneak peek into the hinge upgrade saga, with before and after snapshots that capture the essence of change. It's amazing how such a small detail can reignite the love for a space we thought we knew inside out. And, for those eagle-eyed among you, that's a hint of our new cabinet color making its cameo alongside our shiny new hinges. A subtle change, but in our DIY journey, every brushstroke counts. πŸ“ΈπŸ’–

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog // www.onthecreekblog.comStay tuned for the full story of our kitchen cabinet's facelift – it's a tale of transformation, resilience, and a little bit of sparkle. Because in this grand adventure, we call home improvement, the smallest details craft the story of our homes.

I couldn’t find them online, but here’s what the 10 pack looked like!

Replacing the door hinges was a tiny part of my plan. For the last 6 months or so, my entire kitchen itself has really been bothering me. When we remodeled our house about 3 years ago, I painted our cabinets, but they showed severe wear. I didn’t seal them well enough & the paint started to chip in places & the doors just looked icky overall. So the plan was to repaint my kitchen cabinets & apply the new hinges!

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //

I’ll share our repainting adventure in another post, but here are the hinges for now! The pictures above show the old hinges & now the new hinges. I think it makes a big difference & I’m so happy that they match now!

new kitchen cabinet door hinges | on the creek blog //

PS: You can also get a sneak peek of our new cabinet color in the above photo with the old hinges! It’s not a big difference, but it was time to repaint!

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