Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fall Vibes Canvas + Free Printable

#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!

Free #fallvibes printable & see the canvas art I made using my Cricut maker!

I’m sneaking in one last fall craft!

Everywhere I look, it’s all Christmas all the time.  Because I’m lazy, I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to make the transition into Christmas decor!

#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!

I’ve never been one to really go all out for any holiday.  Halloween might be the only holiday where I go a little crazy.  This year, though, I kept it fairly scaled back.  I’m still not sure what I want to do for Christmas.  One part of me wants to go all out like I’ve seen on everyone’s blogs & another part of me wants to just sit on the couch & watch cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies!  Is there a way to do both?!

Also…the deconstructing!  If I put all of these seasonal decorations up, I’ll eventually have to take them down & that’s the least fun part of the entire thing!  Then I’ll have to find or buy tons of totes to store everything in!  It all just sounds so exhausting…

But, for a brief time, everything looks awesome & all is right with the world!

Alright…enough about Christmas, let’s get back to the fall vibes!

#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!

I’m squeaking by with one very last fall craft!  I actually made this several weeks ago when I was on my handmade canvas kick & just never shared it!  In typical ‘me’ fashion, I’m coming in at the very last possible minute to share it now!

I really like these canvas projects.  They’re super durable, which makes this decor that can last for years to come.  They’re also super fun to make!

Not to keep talking about Christmas, but I’m thinking of branching out & trying my hand at making wood signs for Christmas!  I think they’ll be really fun & look great!  We’ll see how that goes, but, for now, here’s one more canvas project & free printable!

#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!#fallvibes canvas art & free printable!

Once again, you can just simply print off the printable & hang it up/frame it/whatever, or you can use your Cricut machine to cut it out & create your own artwork like I did!  It’s totally up to you!  You can also not do any of that & just look at what I made!  Whatevs!

>> Click Here For The Free Printable <<

Now…full speed ahead to the #Christmasvibes!  Haha!

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