Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day

Handcrafted Valentine's card from my son, a beacon of love in grief. | on the creek blog //

Hey Besties, A Valentine's Day Unlike Any Other ๐ŸŒน✨

Valentine's Day at "On the Creek" has always been a special blend of love, laughter, and those little moments that make life so sweet. But this year, the day has a different tone, a quiet echo in a home where laughter once filled every nook.

I had convinced myself I wouldn't share today, thinking, "Haven't we navigated enough grief?" But then, life, with its unexpected ways of weaving love into our days, brought me a surprise. With all the innocence and love a heart can hold, Braxton crafted a Valentine that was a beacon of light in our haze of sadness. "You are a great mom," he wrote, etching into words our shared wish for James to be with us, yet reminding me, "We can still have a good Valentine's Day."

Handcrafted Valentine's card from my son, a beacon of love in grief. | on the creek blog //

It's in these moments, isn't it, that we find the courage to face the day, to see beyond our loss, and cherish the love that remains?

Our journey through grief is still fresh, a path we're navigating with tender steps. Each day is a delicate dance of holding together and letting go, finding our way through the memories and moments James left imprinted on our hearts.

Valentine's Days past were sprinkled with the joy of impromptu staycations, those sweet, simple times that now feel like treasures from another life. James had this way of making ordinary days extraordinary, and oh, how I miss those surprises, those shared smiles that said, "We're in this beautiful life together."

Peering through the window of social media today, I saw snapshots of happiness, of couples celebrating their love, and I felt a whisper of envy amidst my smile for them. It's a reminder of the complexity of grief—how it intertwines with our joy for others while echoing the void in our hearts.

Handcrafted Valentine's card from my son, a beacon of love in grief. | on the creek blog //

Yet, in this space, "On the Creek," where we've shared so much of our journey, I find solace in knowing that while the shape of happiness may change, its essence remains. We're learning, day by day, to weave new patterns of joy and love into the fabric of our lives. The path forward is uncharted, marked by the certainty that while nothing will ever be quite the same, the potential for new beginnings, for moments of unexpected happiness, is always there, waiting just around the bend.

So, here's to the love that endures, to the strength we find in each other, and to the hope that whispers softly, promising that even amid change, our hearts can find a way to sing again. ๐Ÿ•Š️๐Ÿ’–

Until we meet again on these pages, keep holding onto love, besties. It's our bridge over the waters of grief, leading us toward tomorrow's sunshine.

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