Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Our Next Renovation Projects

Our next renovation projects!
I’m finally sharing some new projects I’ve been working on! 

This post is super long overdue!  I’ve been sharing little peeks over on my Instagram page & I’m finally sharing the news here!
So…here’s the thing:

I like houses.  Like a lot.  You could call me obsessed!

I thought when we bought our first house & completely renovated it from top to bottom, I would be complete.  I would do my one great big thing in life & that would be enough.
But houses kept creeping in.

'Before' photos of our house renovation!

I found myself on Zillow most days & nights, dreaming up big things again.  Along with my parents, my husband & I began touring houses again, maybe to move to & maybe to renovate & sell.  We even toured my DREAM HOUSE when it came up for sale again!  And, after ton of hesitation on our part, someone else ended up buying it.  After that, I was pretty much done.  Maybe my one big thing was already done.  Maybe it was enough.  I then got to work trying to decorate our current house.
Then it fell out of the sky…or maybe it didn’t.

I guess when you have your name out there saying you’re interested in any & all fixer uppers, things kind of just happen.  So when my husband’s coworker gave us a tip on a house, we acted on it…so much that, along with my parents, we ended up purchasing it within a month!

'Before' photos of our house renovation!

And then, because I’m extra…we did it again!  Another house ended up coming up for an online auction when we were in the middle of buying the first house that we thought had some potential for renovation.  And, because I hate to lose, I ended up winning that auction on behalf of my parents!

'Before' photos of our house renovation!'Before' photos of our house renovation!'Before' photos of our house renovation!
So it’s been pretty much crazy town over here!  So not only will we be completely renovating one house, we now have another house to work on!

It’s been so tough to hold back, both in real life & here on the blog!  I want to get started on things immediately, but there’s this pesky thing called ‘closing’ that takes FOREVER!  I was waiting until we officially closed on both houses to share the news & now that day has come!

Let the renovations begin!

I’m so excited for this next chapter & all the challenges it will bring.  Of course, I’ll be sharing everything here on the blog!

Hyper Tough purple tool kit!

PS:  My dad got me this little tool kit for Christmas & I just love it!  Even though we have a ton of other tools, it’s nice to have tools that are just mine!

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