Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Road Trip


My husband & I are going on a little road trip this week.

After working almost nonstop on our house for almost a year (!), we decided to take a little break. 

We originally took vacation days this week to prepare for our annual family yard sale but we’re going to spend a couple days relaxing and road tripping before the craziness from the sale starts!

We threw around a few ideas for vacation destinations but ultimately decided just to jump in the car & drive a couple hours into New York & stop at various locations along the way.  These trips are always my favorite because I love adventures.


I have to warn you, because I live in the middle of nowhere, road trips for me tend to turn completely #basic.  Lots of Starbucks & malls!  I’m also hoping to throw in some nature watching too, but mostly malls & Starbucks!

I’m also going to use this time to practice my photography skillz.  I bought a new memory card specifically for this trip & have my extra batteries charged & ready to go.  I never get any time to actually practice photography, so the various scenery will hopefully allow me to do that.  I’ll share some photos later on this week & you can always check out my Instagram for the latest!


Now it’s time to hit the road!

PS:  These pics were taken (in the car!) when I first got my camera, so hopefully, my photography skillz will be better this time!

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