Tuesday, August 02, 2016

No Clean Thursday


I gave myself a free pass last Thursday.

On all of my other days off in the history of this house, I’ve spent some time cleaning and last Thursday, I gave myself some time to be free from everything.


Now, don’t get me wrong, the house wasn’t in total disarray but I like to thoroughly clean the floors at least once a week.  I take my little bucket and dish towel and go around scrubbing the floors.  It makes the floors look a million times better because even though our flooring is easy to clean, most of the time it really doesn’t look clean.  It always seems to have this nasty looking film on it & I’ve found that actually scrubbing it makes it look brand new again.  If someone has an easier solution to super clean laminate flooring, please let me know!

I’m also hand scrubbing the floors to up my Fitbit steps, but that can be our little secret, right?!
Anyway…so the thought of scrubbing the floors on a Thursday was totally out of the question.  Besides, why should I scrub floors when I could be watching Marcella on Netflix?!
So I watched Marcella & took two naps & was generally proud of myself for being a sloth.  My husband came home from work & I was still feeling pretty confident about my choices that day.  Before he got in the door, he coerced the neighbors into the yard & I went out to greet all of them.


“How about a cookout tomorrow night with the neighbors after work at our house?” My husband asked me.  I said that it was a great idea.

So much for my unclean house & lazy day.

When we went inside, I gathered my husband and supplies and got down to work.  It’s weird how I can live in sloth mode but when company is coming in less than 24 hours, it’s cleaning time.  I got rid of that laziness really quickly and turned into the clean bee.


I guess I just needed some cleaning motivation!  But if you ever have the choice between cleaning & watching Netflix, you should totally choose Netflix, unless someone is coming to your unclean house in the next 24 hours! 

Even though my free day got interrupted, I think everyone needs a free pass once in a while!

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